hello friends its Sachin here with another blog on Index Function in Excel. In this tutorial we will discuss the following things about Index Function of excel

Index Function Short and Sweet -Index function is used to extract a particular value from table array on the basis of inputs of row number and column number.

1.) Syntax and insight of Index Function

2.) Uses of Index function with practical example

3.) Things to be taken care while using Index

Syntax and insight of Index Function

=INDEX (array, row_num, [col_num], [area_num])

1.) Array – the table from which value is to be extracted by Index Function

2.) row num – the row number of value to be extracted from table

3.) column num – [optional] the column number from which its to be extracted

4.) area num – [optional] The range in reference that should be used.

Uses of Index function with practical example

When to use Index function

  1. It can be used to extract value from the array using row number and column as array
  2. it can be used to form an array if row number or column number is 0 and that array can be further used inside many other formulas such as SUM, AVERAGE etc. (leave it if you are not aware about array formulas we will discuss them in next series)
  3. Index Function can be used along with match function and V lookup function.

Example 1 Index Function to extract the value

Explanation – the formula is clearly explained in the image listed below. apart from that just keep two things in mind while using this function individually. In the below example if you want to extract the address of “Palak” then Put 2 in column number because address is in 2nd row

1.) If the table selected in array have more than 1 table than fill row number as well as column number otherwise it will give ref##.

2.) if the table selected in array only has one column then you may leave the column option blank and vice versa

Things to be taken care while using Index

1.) Fill both column number as well row number if the array contain more than one column

Final Words

Yes you might thing that what are the other uses of index function (if used individually). The answer is not much if used individually but if you use it along with V lookup and match function then it can create wonder

the same will be taught in the upcoming blogs

Thank you for reading the blog

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