Hello friends its Sachin here with another blog on basic rules for Excel. The need for this blog Arise when i saw some of spreadsheets of my friends. After Analyzing their spreadsheets for some time i found that 90% of them contain serious errors. Some of them are listed below

  1. Hard-coding in a formula – one or more numbers appear in formulas
  2. Reference error – a formula contains one or more incorrect references to other cells
  3. Logic error – a formula is used incorrectly, leading to an incorrect result
  4. Copy/Paste error – a formula is wrong due to inaccurate use of copy/paste. for example a formula is copied and pasted in another cells leading to errors due to relative references.
  5. Omission error – a formula is wrong because one or more of its input cells is blank
  6. Data input error – an incorrect data input is used

Keeping the above error in mind i have created some basic rule for spreadsheets which should be kept in mind while working on Spreadsheets known as Diamond rules for excel

Why Excel basic rules

  1. It is easy to understand how the spreadsheet is constructed if the formula inputs are visible on the face of the spreadsheet.
  2. The labels for the formula inputs indicate exactly what the formula input represents.
  3. It is easy to change the formula inputs when they are listed on the face of the spreadsheet.
  4. It is very hard to accurately and consistently change formula inputs if there are typed directly into formula, known as “hard coding” formula inputs into formulas.

Research has shown that one of the main causes of faulty spreadsheets is hard coding formula inputs into formulas:

Final Notes

Apart from the above rules some of the basic concept for excel are:-

  • Numbers are always shown on right side of cell
  • text is always on left side
  • True and False result of formula in Middle of cell
  • while inserting inputs of any formula always write text in “text” double colon and numbers without double colon
Examples of above rules :

Thank you for reading the blog

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